The Kid Squad on The Fourth of July

Not only did The Kid Squad uploaded an new, awesome Songs in Real Life video for summer 2017.

But they also did a live stream setting off fireworks.

It was amazing, imo. That was the first live stream I had been to so it was fun for me. I got to chat with other youtubers who liked or loved The Kid Squad. I subscribe to some new channels, which I will list about in another post. The Kid Squad had answered some questions in the end. It was all enjoying. Did I forget to mention that The Kid Squad had hearted or liked my comments on their new video? Oh, I just did. Well, I hope y’all enjoy the new Songs in Real Life Summer 2017 as much as I did.


Drake Hotline Bling Parody

When I first watched this video I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean the guy was literally dancing like he was in pain. Then, when I watch the actually Hotline Bling video I couldn’t believe that Drake really did dance like that. it was so funny. I was about to cry.

EXO music videos playlist

Oh no , I just realized I didn’t put the chinese versions of the songs music videos links on my EXO article when I posted it. So, instead of adding all of those videos I decided to put the playlist link that I created because I was going to have an EXO mvs (music videos) marathon this weekend, which I did and it was awesome! They look so cute and young in the older videos. I laughed so much, I don’t know why. BTW, the playlist is like three hours long, just lettin you know.

Here’s the link:

The Kid Squad

You guys should check out these hilarious youtubers called “The Kid Squad”. They make these funny vids like songs in real life kids style vids, DIYs, and other funny video types. I know they may seem cringy to some people but I still love them and their videos.

These are their current “Songs in Real Life” vids

These are their current challenges

These are their current DIYs

These are their other hilarious vids


I hope The Kid Squad sees this and likes it. And maybe follow my blog, some day, some day I say.

Oh, and here’s a poll to let me know if you liked the vids and The Kid Squad or you could just comment. Either way, I will be happy as a daisy.