My short story and volunteering at the library

So, remember when I had asked back in May, “Is May Jewish-American Heritage or Asian/Pacific-American heritage month”? Btw, no one answer sadly. So I had to watch PBS and Google to find out. Its both! I had also mention that I was going to enter a summer short story contest.

Anyway, I was planning on competing in the short story contest going on at the city’s libraries. The contest is for middle schoolers and high schoolers. Sorry, grownups.

You had to write at 750 words but no more than 1500 words. And you had to start it with “Just with a few finishing touches and the world would be forever changed… ” and then you get to take it from there and write whatever you want. Also, you had to volunteer for 10 hours. Short story submission and completed volunteer applications were to be submitted between June 1st and July 1st. Prize for 1st place is $100 bucks and 2nd place is $50 bucks. So, sorry to anyone who was thinking of entering.

I have already submitted my short story and have done 4 hours of my 10 volunteer hours for the contest as of Tuesday.

I know what your probably thinking right now. What is your short story about and what is volunteering like. Well, I’m going to answer both of those questions.

1. It is about Felix Murphy (a character I made up) who alters a fitbit to go back in time to prevent the assassination of the 48th president (Jae Choi) of the United States of America and his killed bodyguard (Daniel Murphy), Felix’s dad. In The Year 2037! (That’s the title, btw)
2. Volunteering at the library (to me) is pretty cool. You get to meet the staff, learn the Dewey decimal system, see awesome books like manga while working, and see the area where they have the holds and new items coming to the library!!!!!

I work in the teen department but sometimes they might need me upstairs in the children’s department. The teen department is awesome!!!!! They have like 2 dozens computers there, they play music in there, you could even request a song! They even have manga there!!!!! That’s how I started to read manga. They have tons of series but the ones I’m reading right now are Boys Over Flowers, Naruto, Manga Dogs, Library Wars, and Sailor Moon. I’ll talk about that later. All of them are extraordinary!!!!!!!!

Most of what I do is organized books. Which is pretty good because I can always see a book I’m interested in. Like on my first day, I saw this book about a boy whose parent send him to summer camp because he play video games too much. But the place turns to be a live action video game. Its “The Other Normals” by Ned Vizzini. Its sounds good so I checked it out with the manga books I was talking about earlier.

The library will have a teen volunteer appreciation party in August. There, they will announce who are the winners . Their also gonna have Harry Potter trivia so I need to start reading those books to be prepared. I hope I’ll be one of the winners. Even if I don’t win it will be totally. I know it will!