Nowhere Boys

Its this Australian TV show where Felix (The goth boy) Jake (tough guy) Andy (the cute nerd (to me)) and Sam (the golden boy). These four totally different boys all in up in an alternative universe, a universe where they were never born!

While they were on a school field trip, they got lost. They slept in the forest for one night. Then, when they woke up they were chased by a tornado in the middle of the forest. Once, they escaped the tornado. They all went back to their homes but when they did. No one knew who they were.

What the guys didn’t know at that time was that they were in a whole other dimension similar to theirs.

Andy thought it was collective amnesia at first but when he, Jake, and Sam went to their school to find records of them. There was nothing!

So, nobody knows who they are and there’s not a single record showing that they exist. While, back in their universe, their families and friends are all worried and looking for them everywhere. Its being reported all over the country’s news but the boys don’t know that.

WARNING: Don’t continue to read this if you want to find out on your own.

Now, back to the other universe. In this world, Sam is replace with a alt universe twin named Sammy whose dating his girlfriend, Mia. Jake’s mom is successful, she’s married to his hated teacher, Mr. Bates (Jake hates him, just Jake.) and his loser dad is now a cop. Andy’s sister has his room and his grandmother thinks he’s a ghost boy. Last but not least, Felix’s younger brother can walk again but can’t remember him. And to make things worse there’s this evil spirit who’s (I think) trying to kill them.


It is later revealed that Felix is a witch of some sort and is also the reason why they are stuck in this alternative universe. Let me explain, Felix did a unmaking spell. Why? Because his brother is in an wheelchair due to an accident that happen prior to the series. But why did Jake, Sam and Andy have to be involved? Because Felix said there was something special about them.

SPOILER ALERT: They discover at the end of season 1 that have elemental powers. Felix has fire, Jake has earth, Andy has water, and Sam has air. Even Oscar has an elemental power but I ain’t telling y’all that because I’ve already said too much.

But who is this evil spirit that’s trying to harm them? The evil spirit is an restoring demon. Its suppose to bring things back to normal or restore. It could go either way.

When Felix did the unmaking spell, I guess he undid them out of their universe and that’s what bought them to the alternative universe. But they’re NOT suppose to be there. So, that’s why they’re being hunted by this demon. Who also be possessing people who look exactly the boys’ friends and family members.


The restoring demon, Alice (who is also a witch) is the sister of Phoebe, a shop owner, who has been pretending to be the boys aunt when Andy, Jake, and Sam vandalized their school gym.

Now, lets get back to where was I… oh yeah.

After, a whole lot of action and drama, and some good laughs. The boys discover that Felix’s awful rock song is the unmaking spell. They perform that out loud and return back home. But they don’t know that Alice had return with them.

What I just said happen in Season 1. I only saw one episode of Season 2, the first episode of course.

I will explain what happen in that episode but I have question. HAVE YOU BEEN PAYING ATTENTION? If you have or have not, please comment in the comment box below this post.

Moving on, in Season 2 episode 1, after returning back home. The boys have been getting some publicity, but poor, little, adorable Andy is being treated the same by fellow students. Even at the welcome back party. He tries to use his powers to impress Ellen (I think).

Oh Snap! I forgot to mention. Ellen is Felix’s friend and she is also a goth. But back in the other dimension, she was all girly and was Mia’s friend. She also developed a crush on Andy after Jr saved her from being hit by a bus.

Now back to where I was. Andy splashed himself with water. Only making him look like a fool. He runs off to a lake or pond. Where he is taken by a some evil spirit.

WHY? Why did it have to be Andy? My poor Andy. I have to keep watching to find out what’s gonna happen next.

SPOILER ALERT: There’s a season 3 and the entire cast is all new actors. But the show is still set in the fictional town of Bremin (I think that was it).

If anyone is confused about the show, just ask me in comments or Google.

Anyway, you now see why you should watch nowhere boys. Its so thrilling!

If you can’t find somewhere to watch it online. I’ll find some links.

Till next time, which will probably be real soon. See ya.