My Top 10 Favorite Summer Reads

Public School Superhero
by James Patterson & Chris Tebbetts

Stainless Steel is an superhero,who protects the nation’s capital, Washington D. C. But in real life, Steel is Kenny Wright. Your everyday average grandma’s boy. Or is he? Kenny gets mixed up in a whole lot of funny drama when he get stuck in the middle of a fight, even though he was innocent.

Middle School, The Worst Years of My Life
by James Patterson & Chris Tebbetts

Rafe is just starting middle school at Hills Village Middle School. A school that has way to many unnecessary rules. Because Rafe has a little problem with authority and his friend leo made him do it. He decides to plan on breaking every rule in the school’s code of conduct before the end of the school year. But things went wrong down the way.

Boys Over Flowers 1
by Yoko Kamio

Makino goes to an high school that mostly rich kids attend. But she’s from a middle class family. One day, when defending her friend. She’s becomes a bullying target for the F4. The most handsome and richest boys in the school.

Middle School Get Me Our of Here
by James Patterson

When Swifty gets burned to the ground, Rafe and his family move to the city to live with their grandma. Moving means no Airbrooks for Rafe but luckily there is an art school in the city. But who said this was gonna be easy for Rafe.

Friday Barnes, Girl Detective
by R. A. Spratt

Friday Barnes knows a lot more than the average 11 year old, due to being the sixth child of physicians. However, when she solves a bank robbery case that even her Uncle Bernie couldn’t solve. She given a reward of $50,000, which she uses to go to the most expensive boarding school in the country, Highcrest Academy. There, she even solves cases for fellow students and even the case of the School’s Swamp Yeti.

Friday Barnes Under Suspicion
by R. A. Spratt

Friday gets frame for a crime she didn’t commit. Somebody is digging up holes around school. And the new boy, Christopher seems too nice.

Case Closed 1
by Gosho Aoyama

Jimmy Kudo is a teen detective who helps the Japanese police force solve unusual cases. One day, after solving a murder at an amusement park. He is turn into a 6 year old boy by some thugs using a untested poison to kill him.

Treasure Hunters
by James Patterson

The Kidds kids, (yeah that’s their family name) are going on an adventure to find their missing parents. Along the way, they meet pirates, a southern lady, their spy uncle (who not really their uncle), and a college professor.

Naruto 1
by Masashi Kishimoto

Naruto is a troublemaking ninja-in-training, and everybody, except one person, hates him. He wants to be the greatest hokkage, so everyone in the village will have to respect him. One day, he is told that he has the nine-tailed fox demon (that brought terror among the village 12 years ago) is stored inside of him!

Manga Dogs
by Ema Toyama

Kanna is an 15 year old manga artist who has published a manga. So, she is totally excited when her high school get a manga class. However, the teacher is hardly ever there and the only attendees are Kanna and three wannabes.


Drake Hotline Bling Parody

When I first watched this video I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean the guy was literally dancing like he was in pain. Then, when I watch the actually Hotline Bling video I couldn’t believe that Drake really did dance like that. it was so funny. I was about to cry.

Rio’s Poem

FYI: This poem is based on an idea I have for a TV show. BTW, its gonna be a comedy. I’ll post about that another day. Just letting y’all know.

Rio’s Poem

Como esta
My name is Rio
And I like to go with the flow

Me and my bro, Ryan
Always be flyin

Ryan, he’s my wingman
But also, my best friend
He’s always there for me
Even when I cant see

Our mother is Black American
Our father is Korean American
But that doesn’t bother us
Because we love them just as much as they love us

People say we don’t look the same
However, we share the same picture frames
We don’t share the same skin, visually
But that’s not written by pen, seriously

When our momma gave birth
I was first
But Ryan disagrees
Because he doesn’t believe it was me

Thank you for reading. Type your thoughts in the comment box below. Please don’t use inappropriate language. Thx

The Kid Squad

You guys should check out these hilarious youtubers called “The Kid Squad”. They make these funny vids like songs in real life kids style vids, DIYs, and other funny video types. I know they may seem cringy to some people but I still love them and their videos.

These are their current “Songs in Real Life” vids

These are their current challenges

These are their current DIYs

These are their other hilarious vids


I hope The Kid Squad sees this and likes it. And maybe follow my blog, some day, some day I say.

Oh, and here’s a poll to let me know if you liked the vids and The Kid Squad or you could just comment. Either way, I will be happy as a daisy.

Have you seen “Sing”

“Sing” is this awesome animated-comedy-musical movie that was released in December 2016. The movie was amazing to me, it had many funny and talented actors, and fantastic singers (Tori Kelly, Jenifer Hudson). The film had great musical performances, hilarious funny scenes, and showed how the main characters lives were before getting the flyers for the singing competition (which is one of the funny scenes of the movie). If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you got too, if you want. It’s your choice.

The Mannequin Boys

So these nine boys pretend to be mannequins at a mall because they’re secretly robbing the stores at night. But it isn’t easy being a mannequin. They have to stand very still, get bothered by annoying store employees, meddling kids,and crazy people, and make sure not to get locked inside the stores. One of the boys, feels sorry for all the store owners and customers. Plus, he really doesn’t like stealing but the others scare him. So, he secretly returns some stolen stuff before every sun rise. Which upsets the rest of the boys.Will he manage to not get caught by the others or get their cover blown?



Rico and Taka are brothers who have Mexican and Japanese descent and live in Los Angeles, CA. One day after school, they were on their way home when they see something odd at a nearby construction site. It turns out that the government is trying to find an alien space craft that is near their neighborhood. They meet Suho, a friendly little alien from the planet, spot. He was on a exploration to expo, another planet when his spacecraft had stop working for an unknown reason and fell into the earth’s atmosphere. Rico and Taka promise Suho they will protect from the U.S. government until his ship can operate again.

I think this could be a great mini-series, do ya think?


Untitled book idea

So remember when I said I had came up with this idea for a another great mystery book. Well, this is it.

“Two cousins, Linda & Simon, have just arrived at a boarding school where everyone there is weird but creative. But that’s what happens when go to a school of the arts, right? However, something strange has been going on at the school. Kids are disappearing and someone is poisoning the cafeteria meats. No one knows who up to the kidnappings. And thanks to Benjamin, a vegetarian, who always is campaigning about not eating meat and said he would anything to stop it at school. He has now put himself on the chopping block for the cafeteria incidents. He says he didn’t do it, but then who did? And who is kidnapping students and why? It is up to Linda and Simon to solve both mysteries before parents start filing lawsuits and the school will be closed down forever!”

I know it’s awesome, right!? Tell me what you think.


My Untitled Great Idea for a movie

The idea

A Mexican-American boy named Jorge is about to turn 13 years old in two weeks. However, family past secrets are revealed during this time. A man named Taka claims he is Jorge’s brother. Jorge’s father turns out to be his uncle. His biological (Japanese) father and (Mexican american) mother passed away years ago in a car accident after his birth. And he was given to his uncle instead of his brother because his father felt Taka was not mature enough at the time to take care of Jorge. Taka did not know his father had another child. He didn’t even know he was dating again. His mother passed away when he was a baby. Jorge does not even know his actually first name. But no one ever told Jorge any of this info. This is not even the stuff on Jorge’s mind. Because the reason why Taka and his grandmother came is to take Jorge back to japan with them. But Uncle Fernandez wont let Taka take Jorge because Jorge is like a son to Fernandez. Plus, he thinks taka waited too long to now come to take Jorge back. Taka said he didn’t even know about Jorge until three months ago. Which not only makes Fernandez skeptical of Taka but also Jorge’s friends. Especially Brandon who thinks taka is actually a assassin for the emperor of japan. Because he thinks Jorge has royal blood in him. And that emperor wants to eliminate any family competition. Just to let you know, Brandon isn’t the smartest kid on the block. His uncle and brother are at war with each another on who gets Jorge. And he begins to fall in love with his best friend, Karen (a boy). And its also family week at school and everyone’s family is coming to town to visit. Which means there going to be a whole lot of family comedy-drama going on. How is Jorge even going to make it to his 13th birthday with all of this drama going on around him?

List of things that could happen

1. Family food fight!
2. Uncle vs brother war
3. Brandon hits taka in the face with a telephone book thinking he is an child molester (its funnier when you image it in your head)
4. Karen ‘s hot cousins from south Korea and Australia come to visit for family week.
5. The grandmas got crushes on Karen’s male cousins.
6. Lydia and Samuel think Brandon’s theory about taka is crazy
7. Jorge and Karen kiss (accidentally)  in front of everybody.
8. Jorge’s abuela tries to attract cousin Harry.
9. The families go to a lake.
10. Jorge’s crazy birthday fiesta.
11. The ultimate showdown to determine who keeps Jorge.

I know it needs some more work but it could be a very good movie.


Chapter 2 & 3

Chapter 2 – The Orlando Kids

In the neighborhood of Wadeview, Orlando, FL was four middle schooler kids. Sydney, Marco, Jordan, and Zander who were known as The Orlando Kids solved mysteries for their neighbors, fellow school students, and their whole neighborhood.


Back in November, they were solving a case for Mrs. Baker (7th grade music teacher), who had thrown a bake sale and a fundraiser to raise money to get new instruments for music class. She had gotten over $600. Until someone had broken into school and took the money from her classroom.

After a week of investigating clues, suspicious suspects and the crime scene (the classroom), they found the culprits. Sandy Moore, Cody Baxter, and Ricky Paulo, the little 6th graders that everyone thought were sweet. Now the gang is in an active pursuit (a chase) with the culprits.

“Come on guys, we have to catch up to those little 6th graders before they get away with the school bake sale money” yelled Sydney. Sydney has dyed blue hair (originally black hair), brown eyes, and wears a necklace with a large red stone. She is Black American.

The kids were running throughout the school. Passing by teachers and fellow students in the hallways.

Zander almost had a hold of Sandy’s arm. Until, he had fallen over the Vice Principal Clinton’s diorama of Barack Obama Middle School. Luckily, she wasn’t there to witness the destruction of her hard work by Zander. Zander has dirty blonde hair, hazel brown eyes, and has an accent. He is Australian-American.

Vice Principal Clinton is tall, strong woman who is Chinese-American. She loves the B.O.M.S. and does not like anything who tries to bother other students, teachers, and staff members. She is a kind person.

Coming to the end of the school hallway. Every corner was blocked by Sydney, Zander, Marco and Jordan to surround the trio of thieves.

“Give it up guys. We know you have the money,” said Marco. Marco has smooth black hair, brown eyes, and wears glasses. He is Italian-American.

“What is going on here?” asked Principal Minho, who just walked into the scene. Principal Minho is a tall Korean-American with brown hair and wears a blue tie with all his suits.

“Cody, Sandy, and Ricky were the ones who stole the bake sale money from Mrs. Baker,” said Jordan.  Jordan has long brown hair, brown eyes and has a high-pitched voice. She is Brazilian-American.

“But how did they sneak into school at night?” asked Principal Minho.

“They didn’t. When everyone had left music class that morning. Cody, Sandy, and Ricky stayed behind to “clean up”. But what they really were doing was stealing the money” explained Zander.

“But the window that was smashed that night” said Principal Minho.

“Once everyone had left school, including the principals, teachers, and other staff members. They threw some rocks at Mrs. Baker’s classroom window to make it look like someone had broken into school,” explained Sydney.

“Why” asked Principal Minho.

“Because they wanted to use the money to buy expensive bikes they saw at a sports gear store. We figure that one out when my brother was looking at ads in a magazine,” explained Marco.

“Well I’ll be taking that; this will be given back to Mrs. Baker. You three will be given detention for a week for stealing a teacher belongings and destroying school property,” said Vice Principal Clinton.

The three walk away with their heads hung down in embarrassment.

“Well, I bet they try that again,” said Jordan.

“Hey, this is our ten case we semester. We should take a photo. So, we can look back at this moment in the future,” said Sydney.

“Sure” said Marco.

“Yeah” said Zander.

“Ok” said Jordan.

Zander, Jordan, and Marco all gather behind Sydney.

“Everyone say cheese,” said Sydney.

“Cheese!” shouted all.


Throughout the last school year, the group was getting a bunch of cases. However, once the school year ended and summer began. There were no more mysteries to solve and the group started to fall apart. With no more cases to solve, the group decided to take a break from mysteries.

It has been two weeks after school end since the Sydney, Marco, Jordan, and Zander A.K.A “The Orlando Kids” (TOK) had a case to solve. They have solved all the mysteries in their Wadeview neighborhood, everything from missing pets to stolen bikes to kidnapped baby dolls to ransoms of prized possessions for a kiss. However, now no one needs mystery solving.


Zander and Jordan were sitting on the living room couch in Zander’s house watching television, while trying to decide what to do for the summer. Since they aren’t solving cases anymore, they decided to do other hobbies.

“I miss doing mysteries and solving cases, especially with Marco and Sydney” said Jordan disappointedly.

“Yeah me too, but no one need any mysteries solve now” said Zander depressed.

“I wonder what Marco and Sydney are doing right now,” said Jordan.


Marco was at home reading his comic books. Marco’s room was filled with books of all sorts of genres (Mysteries, Comic books, sci-fi, nonfiction, history, biographies, and even cookbooks). His favorite types of books were mysteries and suspense.

“Hmm, what should I read next? Should I read Captain America or Iron Man?” said Marco.


“I miss doing mysteries with friends”, said Marco as he stared at a picture frame with a photo of his friends.

Chapter 3 – The Phone Call

Meanwhile, Sydney was searching for a case but the case came to her instead. Sydney was at her house glancing for mysteries to be solved but there was none.

Just when she was about to give up, her phone rang. The phone showed that the caller was in Florida and their name was Carlos. She hesitated for a couple of seconds but picked up the phone anyway.

“Hello? Who is this?” asked Sydney.

“This is Carlos Venezuela,” answered Carlos.

“Carlos Venezuela who?” asked Sydney.

“Oh, right, I haven’t introduced myself entirely. I am Carlos Venezuela; I worked as a security guard for 14AA41.” said Carlos.

“Awesome, I love that group” said Sydney excitedly.

“Yeah, about that, they’re kinda missing,” said Carlos.

“What do you mean by they’re kinda missing, what happened?” asked Sydney.

“Well let’s just say I walked away to get a sandwich, while the boys were in their dressing room” said Carlos.

“Why did you leave them to get a sandwich?” asked Sydney.

“Because I why hungry and I didn’t anything for like 2 hours,” said Carlos.

“Did you call the police?” asked Sydney.

“I did, but they thought I was some kid prank calling them,” said Carlos.

“Did you try the FBI?” asked Sydney.

“I did think of that but I realize I might lose my job. I heard about your mystery crew from finding a card with your number on it and thought you could help me, can you?” said Carlos.

“Um I don’t know. My friends and I have been apart for some time but maybe I can try to bring the group back to solve one more last case,” said Sydney.

“Oh, thank you. You’re my only hope to find the boys. Call me when you got everything settled and ready,” said Carlos.

“Ok, Bye” said Sydney.

“Bye” said Carlos.

(Signed) “You know what you have to do, Sydney,” said Sydney.