Chapter 2 & 3

Chapter 2 – The Orlando Kids

In the neighborhood of Wadeview, Orlando, FL was four middle schooler kids. Sydney, Marco, Jordan, and Zander who were known as The Orlando Kids solved mysteries for their neighbors, fellow school students, and their whole neighborhood.


Back in November, they were solving a case for Mrs. Baker (7th grade music teacher), who had thrown a bake sale and a fundraiser to raise money to get new instruments for music class. She had gotten over $600. Until someone had broken into school and took the money from her classroom.

After a week of investigating clues, suspicious suspects and the crime scene (the classroom), they found the culprits. Sandy Moore, Cody Baxter, and Ricky Paulo, the little 6th graders that everyone thought were sweet. Now the gang is in an active pursuit (a chase) with the culprits.

“Come on guys, we have to catch up to those little 6th graders before they get away with the school bake sale money” yelled Sydney. Sydney has dyed blue hair (originally black hair), brown eyes, and wears a necklace with a large red stone. She is Black American.

The kids were running throughout the school. Passing by teachers and fellow students in the hallways.

Zander almost had a hold of Sandy’s arm. Until, he had fallen over the Vice Principal Clinton’s diorama of Barack Obama Middle School. Luckily, she wasn’t there to witness the destruction of her hard work by Zander. Zander has dirty blonde hair, hazel brown eyes, and has an accent. He is Australian-American.

Vice Principal Clinton is tall, strong woman who is Chinese-American. She loves the B.O.M.S. and does not like anything who tries to bother other students, teachers, and staff members. She is a kind person.

Coming to the end of the school hallway. Every corner was blocked by Sydney, Zander, Marco and Jordan to surround the trio of thieves.

“Give it up guys. We know you have the money,” said Marco. Marco has smooth black hair, brown eyes, and wears glasses. He is Italian-American.

“What is going on here?” asked Principal Minho, who just walked into the scene. Principal Minho is a tall Korean-American with brown hair and wears a blue tie with all his suits.

“Cody, Sandy, and Ricky were the ones who stole the bake sale money from Mrs. Baker,” said Jordan.  Jordan has long brown hair, brown eyes and has a high-pitched voice. She is Brazilian-American.

“But how did they sneak into school at night?” asked Principal Minho.

“They didn’t. When everyone had left music class that morning. Cody, Sandy, and Ricky stayed behind to “clean up”. But what they really were doing was stealing the money” explained Zander.

“But the window that was smashed that night” said Principal Minho.

“Once everyone had left school, including the principals, teachers, and other staff members. They threw some rocks at Mrs. Baker’s classroom window to make it look like someone had broken into school,” explained Sydney.

“Why” asked Principal Minho.

“Because they wanted to use the money to buy expensive bikes they saw at a sports gear store. We figure that one out when my brother was looking at ads in a magazine,” explained Marco.

“Well I’ll be taking that; this will be given back to Mrs. Baker. You three will be given detention for a week for stealing a teacher belongings and destroying school property,” said Vice Principal Clinton.

The three walk away with their heads hung down in embarrassment.

“Well, I bet they try that again,” said Jordan.

“Hey, this is our ten case we semester. We should take a photo. So, we can look back at this moment in the future,” said Sydney.

“Sure” said Marco.

“Yeah” said Zander.

“Ok” said Jordan.

Zander, Jordan, and Marco all gather behind Sydney.

“Everyone say cheese,” said Sydney.

“Cheese!” shouted all.


Throughout the last school year, the group was getting a bunch of cases. However, once the school year ended and summer began. There were no more mysteries to solve and the group started to fall apart. With no more cases to solve, the group decided to take a break from mysteries.

It has been two weeks after school end since the Sydney, Marco, Jordan, and Zander A.K.A “The Orlando Kids” (TOK) had a case to solve. They have solved all the mysteries in their Wadeview neighborhood, everything from missing pets to stolen bikes to kidnapped baby dolls to ransoms of prized possessions for a kiss. However, now no one needs mystery solving.


Zander and Jordan were sitting on the living room couch in Zander’s house watching television, while trying to decide what to do for the summer. Since they aren’t solving cases anymore, they decided to do other hobbies.

“I miss doing mysteries and solving cases, especially with Marco and Sydney” said Jordan disappointedly.

“Yeah me too, but no one need any mysteries solve now” said Zander depressed.

“I wonder what Marco and Sydney are doing right now,” said Jordan.


Marco was at home reading his comic books. Marco’s room was filled with books of all sorts of genres (Mysteries, Comic books, sci-fi, nonfiction, history, biographies, and even cookbooks). His favorite types of books were mysteries and suspense.

“Hmm, what should I read next? Should I read Captain America or Iron Man?” said Marco.


“I miss doing mysteries with friends”, said Marco as he stared at a picture frame with a photo of his friends.

Chapter 3 – The Phone Call

Meanwhile, Sydney was searching for a case but the case came to her instead. Sydney was at her house glancing for mysteries to be solved but there was none.

Just when she was about to give up, her phone rang. The phone showed that the caller was in Florida and their name was Carlos. She hesitated for a couple of seconds but picked up the phone anyway.

“Hello? Who is this?” asked Sydney.

“This is Carlos Venezuela,” answered Carlos.

“Carlos Venezuela who?” asked Sydney.

“Oh, right, I haven’t introduced myself entirely. I am Carlos Venezuela; I worked as a security guard for 14AA41.” said Carlos.

“Awesome, I love that group” said Sydney excitedly.

“Yeah, about that, they’re kinda missing,” said Carlos.

“What do you mean by they’re kinda missing, what happened?” asked Sydney.

“Well let’s just say I walked away to get a sandwich, while the boys were in their dressing room” said Carlos.

“Why did you leave them to get a sandwich?” asked Sydney.

“Because I why hungry and I didn’t anything for like 2 hours,” said Carlos.

“Did you call the police?” asked Sydney.

“I did, but they thought I was some kid prank calling them,” said Carlos.

“Did you try the FBI?” asked Sydney.

“I did think of that but I realize I might lose my job. I heard about your mystery crew from finding a card with your number on it and thought you could help me, can you?” said Carlos.

“Um I don’t know. My friends and I have been apart for some time but maybe I can try to bring the group back to solve one more last case,” said Sydney.

“Oh, thank you. You’re my only hope to find the boys. Call me when you got everything settled and ready,” said Carlos.

“Ok, Bye” said Sydney.

“Bye” said Carlos.

(Signed) “You know what you have to do, Sydney,” said Sydney.



The Orlando Kids and the Case of the Missing boy band: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – The Disappearance of 14AA41

The date was June 21, 2017, the first day of summer. It was late in the afternoon, around 5:30pm, in the wonderful, marvelous city of Orlando, FL. The city is also known as the “Theme Park Capital of the World” due to having so many theme parks and other attractions around the city.

However, right now the city wasn’t so marvelous. It was pouring rain in the whole, entire city that afternoon. Sometimes there was even lightning and thunder in a certain area but there wasn’t a lot of lightning to cause damage to anything.

People were just getting off from work, heading towards the interstates in their cars going home or elsewhere. The highways near the downtown area were packed with cars in every single lane as the rain fell to the ground.

Downtown Orlando had some tall banks (Bank America, Well Fargo, Chase) , colleges, condos and apartments, a bus station (Lynx), a county courthouse, a fire and rescue department, a police department, a beautiful city park, (Lake Eola) and an entertainment arena (The Amway Center).

At The Amway Center, was the worldwide famous American boy group, 14AA41 (One for All, All for One), who were practicing for their first world tour concert in 2 days, which is in Orlando, Fl. The group had a hard time getting to the arena in the morning because of the today’s rainy weather and the city’s terrible traffic.

They were getting ready to leave but unbeknownst to the guys. Someone was watching them from behind a corner. The five young men head towards the dressing room to get their things. As the boys entered the room, a mysterious person with a mask hid behind a vending machine.

“I can’t wait for the concert in 2 days, I’m so excited, are you guys?” asked Kendall, excitedly as he grabs his duffle bag and his phone. Kendall is a young man with smooth brown hair, sweet blue eyes, has the softest voice, and is 6, 10 feet tall. He is Latin American.

“Yeah, I’m pumped with excitement,” said Justin as he was checking his hair in the mirror. Justin has jet-black hair, blue-green eyes, and has pale skin. He is white American.

“I can’t wait see and hear all of our screaming fans,” said Niall. Niall has curly, reddish-orange hair, kind brown eyes, and is the shortest at 4, 9 feet tall. He is also white American and has Scottish heritage.

“I can’t wait to sing my heart out to those screaming fans,” said Nathan. Nathan has platinum blonde hair, cute brown eyes and loves to wear his red leather jacket. He is Japanese American.

“Nick are you excited for tomorrow’s concert?” asked Kendall.

“I guess” Nick says nervously. Nick has black hair, adorable brown eyes, and wears a blue cap a lot. He is Black American.

Kendall, Justin, Niall, and Nathan are turning their heads.

“I guess!?” they shouted, in a surprise manner.

“I guess I’m just very nervous about the concert,” said Nick as he sat down onto a chair sadly.

While the boys were chatting in the dressing room, a 30-year-old,  Mexican-American security guard was outside securing the area. The guard was actually listening and dancing to music and did not notice there was someone lurking in the shadows.

“Don’t worry Nick you have us to help you get through the next two days” said Niall.

Thanks guys, it’s great to have someone who will always be there you” said Nick.

“We’ll always have your back,” said Nathan.

“Besides, we have practice for three days, we got this” said Justin.

Outside the dressing room, the guard was getting hungry.

“Man I need a sandwich. A nice, big, tasty sandwich, the boys won’t know I’m gone for a couple minutes.” Said the guard.

As the guard left to get a sandwich, a masked figure came out of a dark, shady corner, after the guard had walked away and locked the dressing room door. Just as the boys were about to leave.

“Come on guys, it’s getting late, let’s go” said Kendall.

As soon, the boys were about to exit the room a gas came in from the vents. The boys tried open the door but it was locked from the outside. Next, the vapor started to knock out all of the young men. Then a group of five masked people came in and dragged the boys out of the room, through the hallway and out of the arena (without being seen by anyone), and into a black van.

Just as the kidnappers drove off with the group anesthetized in their van. They did not realize there were security cameras everywhere that were picking up footage of them taking the boys.

Once the guard came back with his sandwich, he soon realizes there is no chatter coming from the dressing room. He decides to go check it out to see if something went wrong with the boys. However, when he went into room, there were no boys to be found. Then he started to panic.

“ H-H-How could I let them out of my sight? How could I leave them alone? Where could they be now? What could have happen to them? Man, I should’ve got this sandwich later,” said the guard as took another bite out of his sandwich.

“What should I do? Oh, I know, I’ll just call police.” Said the guard.

The guard then goes running rapidly down a well-lit hallway towards a phone on the wall. He grabs the phone briskly off the wall and dials. He waits nervously and impatiently for someone to answer. Then someone had spoken from the other side of the line.

“Hello, this is the Orlando Police Department. How can I help you?” asked Lady on the phone.

“Um, yes, can you help me find a missing boy band?” asked the guard.

“Is this some prank call?” asked Lady on the phone, disturbed.

“No this is serious, I’m the security guard for the boy group 14AA41 (All for One, One for All). They have just gone missing after I went to get a sandwich,” said the guard, sadly.

The woman on the line hung up on the guard, finding his story hard to believe. The guard puts the phone back and signs in despair.

“What do I do now?” asks the guard.

Then, a man wearing a black suit and a blue tie, walked up to the guard from behind. He was the boy group’s manager, Alan Jefferson. He had tapped the guard and he screamed (the guard of course).

“Sorry I scared you Carlos, but I can’t find the boys anywhere. Where are the guys? They’re not in their dressing room. I’ve been waiting in the limo for an hour. Where are they?” asked Alan Jefferson.

“Um, they already went to their hotel,” said Carlos, nervously.

“They did?” asked Alan Jefferson.

“Yes, they did. I tried to call you but my phone was acting weird,” said Carlos.

“Ok then, I’ll just go meet the boys at the hotel,” said Alan Jefferson.

“NO! I mean you can’t” said Carlos.

“Why not?” asked Alan Jefferson.

“Because they’re resting” said Carlos.

“They’re resting at 6:45pm in the evening?” asked Alan Jefferson.

“Yeah, they said they were going to bed early to rest their vice for practice tomorrow. They also said they were really tired,” said Carlos.

“Alright then, I guess I’ll see the boys in the morning” said Alan Jefferson as he walked out of the hallway to hid limo.

As Mr. Jefferson’s limo drove away the guard had to find the boys before anyone figures out they’re missing. But what can he do? Who can help him? As Carlos began to leave the building, he saw a card on the floor. The card had a picture of four kids on it, two boys and two girls. It said, “The Orlando Kids can solve any crime, at any time”. On the back of the card was four phone numbers on it.

Then, an idea had just come to Carlos as he smiled walking out of the arena at nightfall.