This has to be one of their greatest comebacks ever! The song is awesome, the choreography is amazing, and the guys are just outstanding! I love how the song starts with a whistle and a guitar riff. That type of catchy rhythm that will forever be stuck in your head. Rap Monster makes me laugh and smile when he says “taechoye DNAga neol weonaneunde”. I don’t why I just find it cheering.  And the music video…  oh my gosh… it hasn’t even been a whole month and they already got 90 millions views! Those boys are sure impressive, them and EXO are always breaking records (not actually cds of course).


I hope you enjoy the song and mv as much as any bts fan has.

You got to check out: Energetic by Wanna One

This electro-funk song is perfect for when you just wanna get up and dance. Wanna One is a K-pop group formed by Produce 101 season 2. A boy group reality survival show that airs on Mnet in South Korea. This song is so energetic I just sing-along whenever.

The song has got the boys 15 music programs awards in Korea and the mv is getting views from all around the world (including the US, which is where I am).

In the performance version of the mv, I didn’t notice this until I read someone’s comment mentioning that at 3:04 Kuan-lin is just standing there because he just finished doing his rap. But at 3:06, the video shows him watch towards the spot he was standing at 2 seconds ago. I don’t know if the company realized this or what. But it does look a little weird but if your not paying close attention you’ll hardly notice it (I think).


Listen to the at:

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Tune in to find out more about Wanna One when I write an article about them next Saturday. Not this Saturday, next Saturday.

I hope you’ll enjoy this song as much as I have.

You got to check out: You Should Try by 34bit X Stanly Hsu X Judy Chou

This song is by 34bit (two current unknown musicians), Stanly Hsu (Taiwanese actor, singer), and Judy Chou (Taiwanese singer). The song is about not giving up or giving something a try. I think it’s such a beautiful song because of the message it sends. Plus, I love the electronic beats. This will definitely be on my favorite 200 songs of 2017!

To find out more about Stanly Hsu or Judy Chou, click the links below:






Listen to the at:

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My Top 10 Favorite Summer Reads

Public School Superhero
by James Patterson & Chris Tebbetts

Stainless Steel is an superhero,who protects the nation’s capital, Washington D. C. But in real life, Steel is Kenny Wright. Your everyday average grandma’s boy. Or is he? Kenny gets mixed up in a whole lot of funny drama when he get stuck in the middle of a fight, even though he was innocent.

Middle School, The Worst Years of My Life
by James Patterson & Chris Tebbetts

Rafe is just starting middle school at Hills Village Middle School. A school that has way to many unnecessary rules. Because Rafe has a little problem with authority and his friend leo made him do it. He decides to plan on breaking every rule in the school’s code of conduct before the end of the school year. But things went wrong down the way.

Boys Over Flowers 1
by Yoko Kamio

Makino goes to an high school that mostly rich kids attend. But she’s from a middle class family. One day, when defending her friend. She’s becomes a bullying target for the F4. The most handsome and richest boys in the school.

Middle School Get Me Our of Here
by James Patterson

When Swifty gets burned to the ground, Rafe and his family move to the city to live with their grandma. Moving means no Airbrooks for Rafe but luckily there is an art school in the city. But who said this was gonna be easy for Rafe.

Friday Barnes, Girl Detective
by R. A. Spratt

Friday Barnes knows a lot more than the average 11 year old, due to being the sixth child of physicians. However, when she solves a bank robbery case that even her Uncle Bernie couldn’t solve. She given a reward of $50,000, which she uses to go to the most expensive boarding school in the country, Highcrest Academy. There, she even solves cases for fellow students and even the case of the School’s Swamp Yeti.

Friday Barnes Under Suspicion
by R. A. Spratt

Friday gets frame for a crime she didn’t commit. Somebody is digging up holes around school. And the new boy, Christopher seems too nice.

Case Closed 1
by Gosho Aoyama

Jimmy Kudo is a teen detective who helps the Japanese police force solve unusual cases. One day, after solving a murder at an amusement park. He is turn into a 6 year old boy by some thugs using a untested poison to kill him.

Treasure Hunters
by James Patterson

The Kidds kids, (yeah that’s their family name) are going on an adventure to find their missing parents. Along the way, they meet pirates, a southern lady, their spy uncle (who not really their uncle), and a college professor.

Naruto 1
by Masashi Kishimoto

Naruto is a troublemaking ninja-in-training, and everybody, except one person, hates him. He wants to be the greatest hokkage, so everyone in the village will have to respect him. One day, he is told that he has the nine-tailed fox demon (that brought terror among the village 12 years ago) is stored inside of him!

Manga Dogs
by Ema Toyama

Kanna is an 15 year old manga artist who has published a manga. So, she is totally excited when her high school get a manga class. However, the teacher is hardly ever there and the only attendees are Kanna and three wannabes.

Flashback Friday: 8/4/2017

I have been watching Season 1 of Detective Conan (a Japanese anime) (the first season aired in the 1990s) for the last 2 days and I’m in love with the series. So,I’m going to show y’all some of the theme songs throughout the first season.



You got to check out: I’m Serious by DAY6

Perfect for spring weather with these soft guitar riffs and sweet lyrics.

You got to check out: Summer by Boyfriend

This is like one of the perfect songs for summer and you can just tell by the title. It’s upbeat, fun, danceable, and just in time for summertime. Now if i could tell, at the moment, who’s who, I would be completely happy.

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