She Is – Jonghyun

Oh, Jonghyun is so amazing. I love him!!! He is one of my favorite Korean singers and favorite male singers of all time. “She Is” is an funky R&B song that is mixed with some EDM and I’m just so in love with right now. Check it out!!


Let It Show – Skylar Stecker

This girl is like 14 or 15 years old and she already sounds like somebody been singing for decades. Her voice extraordinary!!! She was on a couple of Austin & Ally. I love her songs. Especially this one.  She’s so awwesome!!! I just love them beats and her voice.

Flashback Friday: 7/14/2017

Poison – Bell Biv Devoe

I’ve heard this song since I was a little girl and I have ever since loved it. It really helped the New Jack Swing genre become cool back in the 1990s. Its so awwesome.

What Is Love? – Haddaway

OMG! This song is darn catchy. Its like what made Eurodance so popular. Its why I love Eurodance. When my family was in car listening to Friday night 90s while driving back home from Orlando. My parents told me the song was featured in an movie that starred 1990s SNL stars. I also remember this song being featured in a Wells Fargo commercial a couple of years.

What is your favorite song of “1 of 1” by SHINee

What is your favorite song of “1 of 1” by SHINee. Tell meh or just put it in the poll.