Hey Mama! – EXO-CBX

Hey Mama! is a funky, retro k-pop by EXO’s first subunit, EXO-CBX. The song is fantastic! I think the song was their debut, so YAY! I mean, come on, its so groovy, you can’t resist it.

The music video is (I think) based on Kingmans Secret Service. Btw, I’ve never seen that movie because it was rated R in my country and I didn’t care for it.

Anyway, when I was watching the mv on YouTube and reading the comments at the same time. Someone had said something about Xiumin’s hair being blue but everyone else said it was green. Which it was, though, it was also blue.

See, if you pay close attention to the hair colors of Xiumin and Baekhyun. You will realize that in different scenes the colors of their hair is different. So whoever said Xiumin’s hair was blue was right.

Oops, I almost forgot, some of you might not even know who’s who. So let me show ya:
This is Baekhyun (my fav and he has puppy dog eyes! )

This is Xiumin (he has such chubby cheeks (to me) ! )

And this is Chen (Aww, he has those puppy dog eyes too! )

Btw, there is also a Japanese version of the song on their new and first Japanese EP “Girls”. Check it out and enjoy!


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