Flashback Friday: 6/30/2017

It’s Flashback Friday!

You get what you give – New Radicals

Even though that guy is not like the best singer ever. The song really does have a upbringing sound & lyrics to it.
Rio – Duran Duran

I heard this song when I was younger a lot. So, now I just love Duran Duran.


You got to check out: Fire Truck by NCT 127

I love this song but the video was kinda off. I mean like I couldn’t understand what in the world was happening. Every time they said “fire truck” they wetted up the whole room with waterhoses. It was funny, imo. I think the boys were supposed to be that little girl’s guardians. That’s what I read from some website trying to explain what the what was happening in the mv. The song is great still, it’s just the video is kinda confusing when you don’t get what’s happening.

You got to check out: Movie by BtoB

The song is amazing, I love the funky beats. The video is even better. Hyunsik is just dancing to the music. Ilhoon looks like he should be a villain in a superhero movie. Poor Eunkwang kiss with that pretty girl got ruin by Changsub. Changsub is an slick gambler. Peniel raps are so fly and fresh. And, Minhyuk looks awesome as a spy. They all would be great actors in blockbusters films.