You got to check out: We Don’t Need To Talk Anymore by w-inds.

I also heard this song while listening to SBSpopasia on the same day I heard “Miss You” by Yan Ting. It’s sounds quite like many of the modern western electronic/dance songs you hear on the radio, right? Plus, I like the beat and dance moves.

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You got to check out: 小姐你好 (Miss You) by Yan Ting

This recently released funky, cantopop song is amazing. I heard it while listening to SBSpopasia on iHeartradio like three weeks and a half ago. It took me a while to find the song because my trackid app showed the song’s title and artist in Chinese. But sadly as of now, I don’t know that much Chinese. But I manage to find through doing a lot of searching on google, which was totally worth it in the end. The music video got some high school musical vibes to it, don’t ya think? The song also has that 1980s music vibe with funky-electro too. The video is also kinda funny and there’s also like this horror movie like part at the end. You got to watch it. The link is below:

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You got to check this song out: (雪よ舞い散れ其方に向けて) Yukiyo Mai Chire Sochira ni Mukete by Wagakki Band

This song is awwesome. The band behind this song is even more awwesome. They mix traditional japanese folk music with western rock and this song helps proves it. It’s an amazing and beautiful song. Just listen,

What did you think of the song?

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Radio Disney or Nick Radio

Radio Disney started hitting the airwaves in November 1996. Nick Radio was started by iHeartRadio with Nickelodeon back in 2013. Radio Disney not only plays today’s popular hits by its also plays the newest, freshest beats. Nick Radio play Top 40 and music from Nickelodeon Stars. I like both but, personally I like Radio Disney more.

Which one do you like Radio Disney or Nick Radio?

Here are the links to Radio Disney and Nick Radio, so you can check them out;




BREAKING NEWS: Update and changes


I am updating my site so it may look different. I will also from now on post or update my site usually every Friday and or Saturday. But sometimes I may post early. I have just add like four news pages to my site. Poems, where I’ll be posting my poems. Q&A, where people can ask me questions. POV, where I’ll type my point of view and also would like also to visitors and followers comment their point of views on things. And last, but not least, News, where I will be posting about important stuff and “BREAKING NEWS”.



J-pop is short for Japanese pop, which is of course from Japan. Although many K-pop artists, sing and perform songs in Japanese. J-pop subgenres can include j-rock (Japanese rock) and j-hip hop (Japanese hip hop).

Popular Japanese j-pop artists like AKB48, Ayumi Hamasaki, E-girls, EXILE, FLOW, Hey! Say! JUMP, NEWS, SCANDAL, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and KAT-TUN are well known in Japan, Asia, and the Western countries.

K-pop groups like Girls’ Generation, SHINee, Super Junior, GOT7, 2NE1, and many others sing in Japanese.