Rock songs mvs you should watch

Just to set things, I don’t just like k-pop. I discovered that I love Korean pop just about 3 months ago. But, I have always loved rock music and other musical genres.

There are many subgenres of rock. Like punk rock, indie rock, alternative, jangle pop, grunge, post-grunge, hard rock, soft rock, classic rock, new wave, glam rock, garage rock, metal, emo, power pop, and many more. There is also fusion genres like dance-rock, pop rock, pop punk, dance-punk, reggae rock, funk rock, electronic rock, rap rock, and many more.

For pop punk, you should watch Blink-182’s All The Small Things, Green Day’s Nice Guys Finish Last,  5 Seconds of Summer’s Don’t Stop and Sum 41’s Too Deep

In All the small things, the band is making fun of the 90s boy bands and other popular pop singers. It’s hilarious, you got to watch it.

For alternative, watch Panic at the Disco!’s I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Paramore’s Still Into You, and Fall Out Boy’s Irresistible

This FOB vid is comical,they think they”re so ready to kick butt, but they ain’t.

For post-grunge & grunge, watch 3 Doors Down’s Kryptonite and Foo Fighter’s Learn to Fly

The old man dress as a superhero is adorable and hilarious. You got to watch the end where he breaks through the glass ceiling and falls on the bad guys. It’s so cute.

For power pop & pop rock, watch Jonas Brothers’ Year 3000, New Radicals’s You Get What You Give, Tal Bachman’s She So High, Smash Mouth’s All Star, and Demi Lovato’s La La Land

I have heard this song since i was a little girl: the song below.


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